Mitrg Ltd. is the official and exclusive distributor of NEC in Israel in the field of face recognition and biometrics. NEC is the first ranked company in the world by NIST, as the best face recognition software

World-leading Face Recognition for Multiple Industries

NEC’s biometric face recognition technology is used worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud, securing public safety, and improving customer experience across a vast range of locations and industries.


Because independent NIST testing has repeatedly confirmed NEC’s NeoFace recognition and matching capability as the world’s fastest and most accurate across all benchmarks and challenging conditions.

It stems from over Half-century of biometric technology expertise. Its couple’s recognition with real-time identification, verification and situation analysis for quick decision-making, preemptive security, and smoother services. Installed in over 1,000 major systems in more than 70 countries and regions worldwide, it boasts a stellar track record and wealth of practical experience.

And finally, as the long-reputed industry leader, our face recognition solutions are also designed to offer solid protection for the public without encroaching on their privacy, freedoms or human rights.

ייצוג בלעדי

NEC, represented exclusively by MITRG in Israel, is the pioneer of scalable biometrics in the fields of:

Border controls, airlines, airports, transport hubs, stadiums, mega events, concerts, conferences. Biometrics are playing a growing role not only in the real-time policing and securing of increasingly crowded and varied venues worldwide, but also in ensuring a smooth, enjoyable experience for the citizens who visit them.

As a long-time committed pioneer of biometric research and solutions, NEC has developed multi-modal technologies including face, iris and voice recognition, finger- and palmprint identification, and ear acoustic authentication, and supplemented them with AI and data analytics to enhance situational awareness and facilitate effective real-time or post-event action in both law-enforcement and consumer-oriented spheres.

Face recognition can often prove one of the best biometrics because images can be taken without touching or interacting with the individual being identified, and those images recorded and instantly checked against existing databases.

NEC’s face recognition offers high-performance, scalable solutions for the most demanding real-time or post-event requirements. With face surveillance, search, identification and verification functions all on a single platform, it can be easily integrated into existing surveillance systems to extract faces in real time, match against an existing database or watchlist and produce real-time alerts to help reduce public safety risks.

With the ability to process and analyze multiple camera feeds and thousands of faces per minute, NEC’s powerful face recognition is able to police the largest and most difficult security challenges with unparalleled efficiency, sensitivity, and perception.