Control Room

Mitrg Project Management company has extensive knowledge and experience in establishment, planning and design of control rooms, situation Room and One control center.

In cities, Local Authority, Airports, Seaports, critical facilities, security companies’, factories, high-tech companies, multi-site, nationally distributed companies.

The idea of ​​establishing a control room is important for the organization to control the variety of activities that need to be synchronized to one point in time while managing ongoing risks and providing real-time response at the level of the forces, man power and service providers in the field.

Establish a main control room at sites, campus, companies and factories with multiple national and global sites that will serve as the main management center, to carry out all routine tasks on an ongoing basis, in routine and in emergency, as the control room will serve as event management center ( in service, management, control, security, etc.) and serve as the customer’s central focus. 

And in one sentence: One point of contact (Single Point of Contact) that will fully answer all the variety of leads

The systems in the control room:

The command and control software is the meeting point of all technologies and information gathering into one “machine” which is generated by Analyze all information in accordance with the laws that have been set and predetermined for decision making, and the realization of that decision and implementation it in the field by the systems, used by technical accessories and manpower. The software is based on graphical interface and accurate maps – GIS and GUI – Graphical user interface.

The HMI Human Machine Interface – software manages various types of controllers such as: PLC, DDC, ModBus, BacNet, SCADA, OPC, Alarm systems, Fire detection, PA systems, CCTV systems, Intelligent analytics system, BMS systems, Access control systems, AI based systems and Smart Detection systems and various level of technical accessories and a wide range of third party software.

Human engineering, multimedia and furniture

Customized ergonomic furniture fitting for control room human engineering Mitrg company specializes in control room solutions, custom-built according to customer needs, command and control positions including advanced video walls, computerized multimedia controllers for video walls and Operator position, touch screens to operate the all multimedia equipment in the control room and in the situation Room.

What is a control room for?

The control room is usually the most secure room in the organization. The control rooms are not accessible to the general public. only for authorized personnel.

The operators in the control room are able to control and monitor all of these systems through central management software platforms HMI (Command and Control Software) The main advantage of connecting physical systems to a central software is the ability to centralize. while many of the physical systems were previously placed in buildings without a central connection. They could only be controlled by the field personnel. It increased the time-labor-cost and operation works very inefficiently, especially in a crisis situation when every second determines.

Another key advantage for the control room is in the situational deadlines in real time for large organizations, control room operators are familiar with all of the organization’s pre-configured procedures for each scenario, quick access to CCTV systems and so on, allowing operators to quickly understand of any situation without leaving their chair

What does a control room look like?

A control room usually contains one or more desktops, along with a video wall. The video wall is located in the room so that all operators can see it clearly on all its screens. Ideally, the video wall is not placed too high to allow operators to check the video wall without having to straighten their necks. Ergonomics is in a high importance in the control room. Operators need to do their job efficiently, without having many distractions.

Here are some of the best recommendations to use for ergonomic in the control room: 

Ergonomics in the Control Room at the desktops tables in each item, equipment used by the operators to perform their daily work, will be positioned as the length of the operator arm The screens will be located in 50-75 cm away and at eye level when using multiple monitors they should be as close as possible. ergonomic chairs that promote good posture

What is the added value of the control room?

For truly understand the added value of a control room, it is best to explain this with an example: The country’s largest real estate company, the company has more than 100 sites scattered throughout the all country. Each site has CCTV cameras systems, LPR systems, lighting and power systems, access control, Fire alarm and extinguishers, sprinklers, PA, intercom, HVAC unit, automatic doors, escalators, alarm detectors and emergency exits. By centralizing all of these systems into one control room in one place and connecting them to HMI software, only a few operators are required to control and monitor all of these systems. Operators have all the systems they need at arm’s length with a central video wall used by everyone. When a fire detector, an escalator Alert on a malfunction / alarm and so on, an alarm event is triggered in the HMI software, the operators automatically enter into the pre-defined event handling procedure and can handle any type of alarm using only one software tool.

Response time in a crisis situation decreases dramatically, service teams will deploy only if needed for sure, staff can be reductions and so on. 

The benefits are endless for a large organization, the increase in security and in safety efficiencies will increase greatly, which makes it possible to enabling the ROI of the initial cost of the control room quickly.