Project Management

Project Management.

In the last several years, MITRG, Ltd. has worked dozens of projects which included: management, applying support to and accompanying projects of plant foundation, development of environments, building and infrastructure projects, establishing project management operation, risk management, system assimilation for project management, etc. These projects were performed within various industries in Israel and abroad.

What Makes Us Special?

The wide and rich experience of our qualitative manpower in the area of project management with the largest and leading organizations in Israel, and our ability to supply and support comprehensive professional solutions, are tailor-made for our clients.

The methodology of MITRG, Ltd. and its strategic attitude enable the introduction of management solutions while over-viewing the objectives of the organization and its protection, emergency, defense, and security needs.

MITRG, Ltd. employs excellent professionals in the area of project management who lead in their area of specialty and operate together with the client in order to bring meaningful change.

The Array of Services We Give in the Area of Project Management.

  • Establishing a line-up for project management
  • Establishing work plans
  • Building up complex Gantt Charts for projects
  • Applying tools for project management
  • Scheduling services
  • Characterizing and assimilating management routine
  • Risk management
  • Giving guidance regarding the subject of project management: methodologies and tools

Methodologies and Major Tools

  • Establishing line-up for project management - the PMO (project management operation) serves as the expertise center insofar as project management in the organization is concerned. Its objective is to characterize, assimilate and apply long-term improvement in project management procedures in the organization.
  • Implementation, planning, integrating, standardizing, and controlling all units/projects in the organization.
  • Full comprehensive over-viewing of all projects in the organization and understanding the reciprocations between them is the foundation for decision making and interweaving tactics.
  • Establishing a line-up for project management and control is the foundation for this full comprehensive over-viewing.
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