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MITRG, LTD. - Consulting and Project Management was established in early 2007, specializing in a multitude of system disciplines and methodologies to include: protection and security, defense, emergency, crisis management, information, and organization of these disciplines. The company and its specialists have an in-depth knowledge of a vast array of subjects in the area of modern project management, both in the strategic, tactical, and technical levels.

Mr. Igal Matzafi - The Company's founder and CEO has 20 years of experience at the international level in project management, specializing in protection, security, defense, emergency, crisis management, infrastructure design, civil assignments, and consulting.

The company’s core mission statement is to deliver services while maintaining the highest level of integrity, professionalism, and quality, while keeping independent of manufacturers and suppliers. The company has fulfilled this mission throughout the years without compromising its core mission statement. Our consulting and project management services are provided, starting at the top management level and through the lower management levels, with implementation and execution in the field.

Project Management.
In the last several years, MITRG, Ltd. has worked dozens of projects which included: management, applying support to and accompanying projects of plant foundation, development of environments, building and infrastructure projects, establishing project management operation, risk management, system assimilation for project management, etc. These projects were performed within various industries in Israel and abroad.

What Makes Us Special?

The wide and rich experience of our qualitative manpower in the area of project management with the largest and leading organizations in Israel, and our ability to supply and support comprehensive professional solutions, are tailor-made for our clients.

The methodology of MITRG, Ltd. and its strategic attitude enable the introduction of management solutions while over-viewing the objectives of the organization and its protection, emergency, defense, and security needs.

MITRG, Ltd. employs excellent professionals in the area of project management who lead in their area of specialty and operate together with the client in order to bring meaningful change.

The Array of Services We Give in the Area of Project Management.

  • Establishing a line-up for project management
  • Establishing work plans
  • Building up complex Gantt Charts for projects
  • Applying tools for project management
  • Scheduling services
  • Characterizing and assimilating management routine
  • Risk management
  • Giving guidance regarding the subject of project management: methodologies and tools

Methodologies and Major Tools

  • Establishing line-up for project management - the PMO (project management operation) serves as the expertise center insofar as project management in the organization is concerned. Its objective is to characterize, assimilate and apply long-term improvement in project management procedures in the organization.
  • Implementation, planning, integrating, standardizing, and controlling all units/projects in the organization.
  • Full comprehensive over-viewing of all projects in the organization and understanding the reciprocations between them is the foundation for decision making and interweaving tactics.
  • Establishing a line-up for project management and control is the foundation for this full comprehensive over-viewing.

Risk Management
In the last few years the field of project management has become increasingly popular in all areas of operation throughout the organization. The process of risk management includes:

  • Risk identification
  • Assessing and quantifying the magnitude and probability of risk of occurrence
  • Prioritization in order to define risk management according to magnitude
  • Defining risk minimization plans, and controlling the execution of risk
    Minimization plans

Strategic Consulting

The current era poses many challenges to an organization's management in the areas of enterprise, business process protection, infrastructures security, and other security needs.

Reducing overhead costs is always desired and information systems must justify themselves. In every new project, we study the organization’s security needs according to ability in order to justify a reasonable ROI (Return on Investment).

Physical technological changes are frequent and must be updated frequently. Organizations which use shelf systems are required to adapt them and invest more integration between the systems at development stages. Also, the involvement of several members of the organization in the adaptation stage is critical to the success of implementing new systems.

In many cases, it is necessary to develop rules and methods of work with external subcontractors.

Employees of the organization are also defined as customers of the new systems and demand service resources allocation.

MITRG, Ltd. has vast organizational management experience and can help your company or agency in adapting new policies for appropriate systems protection and emergency security systems, all while developing tight practices, financial planning, and the construction model that is suitable to your needs.

Management of Security Projects

The failure or success of a project is valued according to one of three dimensions: Not crossing budget limits, sticking to schedule, and Standing inside the capacity plan.

However, there are alternatives. In the last few years, there is a greater recognition that the project manager is of great importance to the project's success. The recruitment of an experienced, knowledgeable manager with the right personality may not be an easy task, and may even be an expensive one.

Mitrg, Ltd. employs only senior consulters, planners, and project managers with rich managerial and business experience in the largest organizations, in order to deliver to our clients the most important resource for the project's success. Our project manager integrates into the client's organization, and represents the client’s

Interests alone. He works closely with the organization's employees, accompanies them, and acts as a proper project manager for the client.

An Application and Assimilation Project - Steps for Operation
Characterization and Demands - Request for a RFP Proposal

Administrative, technological, and legal mapping and characterization of all relevant work processes, on the basis of interviews with key figures playing a part in the work processes.

The preparation of a risk survey, the preparation of a planning program and price estimates, request for a RFP demands proposal, which serves as an application form for suppliers and specifies offers which should include whole project costs.

This proposal serves as the basis for the detailed characterization (security, protection, defense, and emergency).

Comparing and Selecting a System

Several systems in the market (security, protection, defense, and emergency) may answer the client's needs. For this reason the assignment of comparing and selecting a system should be placed in the hands of a professional and neutral agent possessing a top-level professional familiarity with all systems offered, and with comparison and critical abilities.
Defining the list of competitors in a model with proven advantages, which brings all assimilating systems and firms to a shared basis, a basis that is modified to the client's specific demands and criteria.

Signing the Contract

The points that are discussed during the signing discussions with the system supplier/ application firm are legal, professional and commercial. The integration of professional consulting people during the signing of the contract anchorages themes such as: delivery checks, periodic checks on behalf of the supplier, maintenance and developments procedures, configuration management, and service level settings.

Gap Analysis

The detailed gap analysis phase is critical for the project's success, especially in projects that include the client's business demands which appear inside the system. That is the reason this phase is written with the "minds" of the application body and the representations of leading users.

Project's Accompanying and Control - Sticking to Schedule, Staying Inside Capacity, and Planned Resources Plan:

To achieve the project's success standards, regular check-ups should be conducted in order to guarantee full implementation of the milestones defined in the "Gantt Charts" of the project, according to conventional quality standards. Also important are action items follow-up according to schedule, evolving analysis of risk management, raising red flags in a timely manner, budget control management, etc.

Planning and Executing of Admission Check-ups

Before delivery, admission check-ups for systems should be planned and executed. The check-ups will concentrate on evaluating the work processes which served the organization throughout the changes developed with the client.

Guidance and Assimilation, Literature, and Procedures

Provides for the foundation of a comprehensive guidance line-up which will be properly assimilated in the client's site. The guidance and assimilation will be treated like any other project throughout the planning, while paying attention to the target group and using original, coherent teaching methods. Emphasis will be on training a staff which supports its users.

Configuration and Version Management

Provides for the foundation of an organized configuration and version management line-up of the system, as well as: the creation of work procedure in order to define prioritization for changes and improvements, the foundation of a check-up lineup, and defining regression for every version before moving to the production line. ‫ ‬

Strategic Consulting

Management of the new age introduces the organization’s management to complicated challenges:

  • Every business action in the organization involves executing protection security and emergency systems that should support it.
  • Cost moderation is always required and the information system’s overhead expense must justify itself - every new project must be examined by return on investment (ROI).
  • The technological and physical changes are very frequent, and one needs to catch up all the time. Organizations tend to use "over-the-counter" systems and to modify them. They should invest more in integration between systems instead of in development. In addition, the involvement of employees, unlike in the past, is critical to the success of assimilating new systems.
  • In many cases, there is a need to develop work relations with external sub-contractors.
  • Organization employees are just like any other client, and they require service accordingly- the computer unit is not just another development unit, but a service and sales unit, like any other.

MITRG, Ltd.'s people have rich management and organizational experience. We will gladly assist by applying a policy to implement the right protection, security, defense, and emergency system suitable to your organization. Success will be achieved by applying these systems to new and existing needs in the market, by applying the work procedures, with suitable financial planning, and with the right model for your company’s needs


As part of its security services, MITRG has developed unique capabilities related to explosives. These services include unique knowledge and experience in testing and evaluating explosives detection technologies such as technologies for the detection of standard and improvised explosives on one’s person, in luggage, and the detection of explosives in land, air, and marine freight.

In addition, MITRG holds all permits and insurance policies required for worldwide shipping, handling, and use of explosives.

As part of our explosive-related offering, we provide the following services:

* Evaluation and testing of explosive detection technologies
* Specialized training in operations and use of explosive detection devices
* Training of K-9 units for explosive detection (basic training as well as periodic
* Testing of various anti-explosive protection technologies (for doors, windows, and
Secured rooms)

MITRG is uniquely positioned to assist customers in developing technologies and systems for identification and detection of explosives, as well as customers contemplating the purchase of such technologies, following extensive validation and testing thereof.


The following courses can be applicable for air, land, and sea border crossing, safe city programs, sensitive assets locations, factories, and public events arenas.

Scanning systems:

X-RAY operator’s qualification
X-RAY operator’s training
X-RAY supervisor’s qualification
X-RAY operator’s management training
CT operator’s qualification
CT operator’s training
CT supervisor’s qualification
CT operator’s management training
Full body scanning operator’s qualification
Full body scanning operator’s training
Full body scanning supervisor’s qualification
Full body scanning operator’s management training
HBS operator’s qualification
HBS operator’s training
HBS supervisor’s qualification
HBS operator’s management training
Train the Trainer qualification course

Vehicle scanning systems:

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems operator’s qualification
Under Vehicle Inspection Systems operator’s training
Under Vehicle Inspection Systems supervisor’s qualification
Under Vehicle Inspection Systems operator’s management training
Under Vehicle scanning Systems operator’s qualification
Under Vehicle scanning Systems operator’s training
Under Vehicle scanning Systems supervisor’s qualification
Under Vehicle scanning Systems operator’s management training
Truck X-RAY operator’s qualification
Truck X-RAY operator’s training
Truck X-RAY supervisor’s qualification
Truck X-RAY operator’s management training
Backscatter Systems operator’s qualification
Backscatter Systems operator’s training
Backscatter Systems supervisor’s qualification
Backscatter Systems operator’s manageme

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