Strategic Consulting

The current era poses many challenges to an organization's management in the areas of enterprise, business process protection, infrastructures security, and other security needs.

Reducing overhead costs is always desired and information systems must justify themselves. In every new project, we study the organization’s security needs according to ability in order to justify a reasonable ROI (Return On Investment).

Physical technological changes are frequent and must be updated frequently. Organizations which use shelf systems are required to adapt them and invest more integration between the systems at development stages. Also, the involvement of several members of the organization in the adaptation stage is critical to the success of implementing new systems.

In many cases, it is necessary to develop rules and methods of work with external subcontractors.

Employees of the organization are also defined as customers of the new systems and demand service resources allocation.

MITRG, Ltd. has vast organizational management experience and can help your company or agency in adapting new policies for appropriate systems protection and emergency security systems, all while developing tight practices, financial planning, and the construction model that is suitable to your needs.

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